The Neurobiology of Change

As anyone who is struggling to keep their New Year’s Resolutions at this point in January knows, change is hard! Implementing any new habit, such as exercising regularly, cutting back on alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, or practicing patience, requires persistence and dedication over time. What makes it so difficult to break an old habit and replace it with a healthier one, especially if we truly believe this will benefit us in significant ways? The answer can be found in that very brain of yours that made the decision to embark on this new direction: your neural pathways. Neurons are cells in the brain that carry messages. In utero, the brain develops from the bottom up and the i


Every year it seems that God gives me a theme to focus on, a growth area He gently (or not so gently) points out that requires my attention in order to stay on the path of becoming who He created and designed me to be. Although not a new revelation, it has become increasingly, painfully (and embarrassingly) clear that I have issues with forgiveness. I can recall in excruciating detail past wrongs and grievances, even the ones I think I have already forgiven, reciting the offense and its effects as though it occurred yesterday. The old emotions of hurt and betrayal accompanying the broken trust rise up in my chest and cause me to retreat and withdraw from that relationship all over again.

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